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Green Mountain Ski Furniture is a small, creative, and environmentally aware company located in Waterbury, Vermont.   Our business was born from the passion to reduce waste, while creating unique works of art that are functional, or what is now known as Upcycling.  We are also passionate about design and quality construction; continually working to invent and design our upcycled ski creations to be the most comfortable and well-built Adirondack chairs and ski furniture you will find anywhere!
We specialize in Adirondack chairs, benches, tables, racks, gift items, and will custom build just about anything you might want made from skis or snowboards, from birdhouses to bookcases and indoor or outdoor furniture of any kind.  Due to the unique nature of our products, our focus has been on working with our individual customers to create one-of-a-kind designs to suit their needs and tastes.  Many of our customers choose to presonalize their items by including their own gear. 
Ski White - Live Green
Gear technology changes fast, and that means more waste as you upgrade your outdated ski and snowboard gear, and that's a bummer!!  By recycling your old skis and boards into functional art and giving a new life to your old gear, you are helping to decrease the waste stream by hundreds and hundreds of gear sets each year.  We first learned about "ski waste" in Jackson, WY and were stunned to find out the amount of discarded and out-dated gear that gets landfilled each year.  Through the repurposing of old gear we help to divert an estimated  4 to 5 tons of ski waste each year.  
Hand Crafted Originality
What better way to express your love of snow sports and funky creations?  All of our upcycled ski furniture pieces are constructed with unique combinations that are one of a kind and built by hand here in Vermont. Your best friend will not be able to order the exact same particular configuration of colors, graphics, or makes, and we think this is a good thing.

Sustainable Small Business Practice
We are serious about being green!  All of our energy usage is offset by the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits.  We use FSC certified cedar wood when we can get it.  All materials used in construction are purchased locally, lots of shop supplies have come from reused and recycled materials, shipped items are often mailed in recycled bike boxes with recycled or bio-degradable packing supplies, many ski bindings are reused, and ALL scrap wood, paper, and metal is recycled. 
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:: Our Passions in Action ::
Green Mountain Ski Furniture is a bricks and mortar Vermont business.  We started our business in Essex Center, VT under the name Green Mountain Ski Chair, but as we have grown along with our product line, we expanded our business name to Green Mountain Ski Furniture in the spring of 2008.  Currently, our shop and showroom is located on Route 100 in the heart of the Green Mountains in Waterbury Center on the way to Stowe, VT.  If you're in our local area, we encourage you to stop by our shop location and see what we are up to.   
:: Who We Are ::
Mark D Kulis - Owner, Builder, Designer
Mark has been building things for most of his life: from early projects of a vending machine made of cardboard, string, and copious amounts of tape in elementary school, to historic house renovations on the coast of Maine, and now to ski furniture.  Mark enjoys the challenge of design and the satisfaction of construction, and has been professionally employed as a builder on and off again since 1998.  His other passion is environmental science which he was awakened to in 1992, has studied since, and is the other driving force behind his work with the business.  When he is not up to his neck in dust and skis, he can be found working on his house, or playing with his daughter. 
Aanika DeVries - Design Specialist  
Aanika is a long-time skier and outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for colors and design layout.  She enjoys working with customers to get the designs just right based on brands, graphics, eras, and colors.  When she is not tearing through stacks of old skis for the perfect pair, on the road at our shows or markets, or providing business consultation, she is found teaching high school science in East Montpelier.   
Green Mountain Ski Furniture,  Route 100,  Waterbury, VT  05677     ph:  802.324.1717     email:info@recycledskis.com
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Custom built ski furniture and Adirondack Ski Chairs from recycled skis and snowboards
Recycling Skis and Snowboards into Unique and Artful Creations
p: 802.324.1717       email: info@recycledskis.com
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